It’s Her Birthday!

>> Monday, March 3, 2014

How time flies. Our daughter will be celebrating another birthday this week and I can’t help but be sentimental. It seems like it was yesterday when she was so small and helpless. Last night, since a lot of people have been commenting about how tall she is for her age, we took out her Dad’s measuring tape and measured her height. And I was right about my estimate. She is 5’4” at 11 years old. I wonder how tall she would be as an adult. Most likely taller than me!

And since it is her birth week, she has been very vocal about her wishes. She is asking for a lyre, an

akai lpk25 keyboard or a guitar. But let us not forget new books. Those always top her wish list no matter what the occasion is. We are OK about the books but we still have to talk about her preferred musical instruments and whether she’ll be interested in it for a long run. It is a good thing that the summer break is almost here and she can choose which music classes to pursue, apart from a cooking/ baking class.


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