The Little Prince Souvenirs Made of Polymer Clay

>> Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Last month was my online shop’s second Christmas. It was the busiest month for me but unlike last year, I did not accept every commissioned order that came my way. I learned from the previous year that I value my rest and peace of mind and provide quality handmade products so I chose not to bite off more than what I can chew. In that way, my clients get to enjoy a positive buying experience. Now that’s a win-win situation if you ask me.

One of the many commissioned orders that I happily worked on last month was a batch of The Little Prince baptismal souvenirs made of polymer clay. Here are my finished masterpieces:

the little prince polymer clayBaby Jaci is a close friend’s new boy. He was baptized last month and her mom commissioned me to create his souvenirs based on the theme. The theme was inspired by a friend’s nephew’s baptism. I enjoyed creating these and instead of chaining them on key chains, I attached them to a short ball chain. It is my first time to make a finish like this and I like it. But truth to be told, I ran out of key chains and had to resort to using ball chains. LOL!


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