Special Gifts for Special Moms

>> Friday, June 28, 2013

personalized mothers ringI have always found it difficult to shop for a gift for my mother. She seems to have everything and can certainly afford anything that she want to buy. Thus, special occasions can be challenging when I feel compelled to give her a gift. It is good that I found a website that sells personalized mothers rings. These are indeed unique gift ideas that I can give my mother on her birthday or Christmas. I will order one with engraved names of us, her three children. I know she will love it.


Keyboard Woes

My major stressor last week was my laptop’s keyboard. Some keys adjacent to each other refused to work and I only discovered it when I was logging on to my email account. I initially thought that it was hacked because I kept on getting the error message. However, when I checked on the iPad, it worked just fine. I thought of typing on a notepad and that’s when I realized the problem. I was starting to feel bad about it so I called my husband who almost always knows the solution to all my problems. He said, it’s either we buy a new computer or just a separate keyboard. Ack. Why did I not think of that – the buying of a new keyboard I mean. So anyway, I went to a shop and bought me a keyboard! I also saw a stationery pad shaped into a french horn and it’s so cute so I bought one for myself too! I have been collecting stationeries again, have I told you that? It was a hobby that I had when I was a wee bit younger.

Anyway, after a day or two, my laptop’s keyboard worked again. Yay! I read some troubleshooting articles online and followed one – to blow dry my keyboard. It worked but not immediately. But just the same, I am still using my teeny-weeny USB keyboard until I buy a new keyboard keyboard for the laptop.





Today (6/4/2013)

>> Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Outside my window… a cloudy and hot day.

I am thinking… of cleaning up my work space but work beckons and paid work comes first!
I am thankful for… the recently concluded vacation that I had. It is refreshing and very much invigorating!
From the kitchen… a big serving of fried pork lechon, a box of pomelo, a big box of brownies from S&R, choco fudge baked by an aunt and a lot more – our haul from Davao City. Yay!

I am wearing…  my new red tank top and red shorts. They match!
I am creating… a poster for my friend. She asked for help in designing before forwarding it to a printing company that claims to have the best

Web To Print Workflow solutions.
I am reading… NOTHING! I have not read a book for quite some time now but for a very good reason – work. My days and months are filled with commissioned orders and online tasks and I am grateful. However, I intend to find some time to read in order to nourish the mind and soul an hour before sleeping.

I am hoping… that this school year will be good for my daughter and our family. She enjoys learning and knows her strong and weak points. I hope and pray that there are enough opportunities for her to grow as a person.
I am hearing… some vehicles outside and the electric fan’s whirring sound.
Around the house…my daughter doing some last minute tidying up of her room in preparation for school next week. She is done now, she told me. On the other hand, I am busy finishing as many online tasks as I can.
One of my favorite things… my relatively new phone!
A few plans for the rest of the week: finish some commissioned work, blog without cramming, and help my daughter prepare for the new school year. We have books and notebooks to cover and we need to buy her new uniforms as the old ones are quite short for her now.
A picture I love: This batch of commissioned order of Elmo-inspired items. These are all handmade by me!
elmo polymer clay


Take Chances

>> Monday, June 3, 2013

live with no regrets quoteWhen I was younger, I chanced upon a quote asking which is worse – regret because we didn’t take chances or regret for the mistakes we made because of the chances we took. It had made me think and choose consciously or not, to take chances because I would rather regret for trying than wondering what if I tried.

When I am torn between doing and not doing, I go for just doing it because I don’t want to die wondering what could have happened if I tried. Mistakes are just consequences of the decisions we make and I might as well learn from them instead of mulling over them. At least I tried. At least I took my chance. At least I did my best. And when I am at my deathbed, I hope that I won’t be having a long list of what-ifs.


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