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>> Friday, December 6, 2013

Sadly, we missed a really fun and cool children’s party last month due to a very bad weather. It was on a weekend but due to the heavy rain, we failed to go. Thus, we just had to wait for photos to be uploaded to see how it went. The theme was rock star concert, which is the current favorite of tweeners. The venue was really awesome and our friends and their kids had fun. But according to the celebrant’s mom, there was a minor glitch prior to the event. The power supply for vocalist (as a band played during the event) died on them. It is a good thing that after an hour of looking for a replacement, they found one. One of our friends happened to buy a brand new ps0913b at musicians friend and saved the day. It’s a good thing that he got one as it seems to be difficult to order for one these days.


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