Rush, Rush!

>> Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Because of the Christmas rush, life got so hectic around here. Aside from doing the gift-shopping, I am also busy with production of commissioned orders. As a one-woman team, this peak season can be very tiring but nah, I am not complaining. Like what I always say, I am grateful for the chance to do what I enjoy and earn from it.

I just wish that I have extra hands so I can so many things at a time but yes, that’s a wishful thinking. Some relative and friends (and even my husband) suggested that I get some help but creating these commissioned orders for me is a personal task. I don’t have the courage to delegate the work to others for now. Some people think that I should think of expanding the business, accept more orders,  but that means more concerns, challenges and stress. I don’t think I can deal with a lot of changes and challenges for now. As of the moment, I just want to enjoy what I do and it makes me happy to know that others like what I create for them.


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