Cupcakes and Guitars

>> Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Well it’s been a while! I had quite a hectic week and a weekend too. Creating with polymer clay (a hobby and a part-time business) had me pre-occupied as I tried accomplishing an order by a friend. Her son celebrated his birthday last weekend and I created these for him:

Cupcakes with name tags for his female cousins. I asked his mom on her color choices and she said bold and basic colors will do. I chose red,  yellow and blue and while working on these, I realized that it’s Cinderella’s color palette!
And these are for his male cousins. A guitar keychain. I had to mount them since they’re quite slim.l
And here’s my gift for the special birthday boy: A Phineas keychain. i
I still have some pending projects to accomplish: a dog tag for a gorgeous dog, a Frisbee charm, promotional key chains and souvenirs for a birthday this weekend. It can be quite overwhelming but I am having fun. I told a friend that I can do this all day but unfortunately, I still need to cook, do the laundry and sleep (among other things that a mom needs to do)!


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