Keyboard Woes

>> Friday, June 28, 2013

My major stressor last week was my laptop’s keyboard. Some keys adjacent to each other refused to work and I only discovered it when I was logging on to my email account. I initially thought that it was hacked because I kept on getting the error message. However, when I checked on the iPad, it worked just fine. I thought of typing on a notepad and that’s when I realized the problem. I was starting to feel bad about it so I called my husband who almost always knows the solution to all my problems. He said, it’s either we buy a new computer or just a separate keyboard. Ack. Why did I not think of that – the buying of a new keyboard I mean. So anyway, I went to a shop and bought me a keyboard! I also saw a stationery pad shaped into a french horn and it’s so cute so I bought one for myself too! I have been collecting stationeries again, have I told you that? It was a hobby that I had when I was a wee bit younger.

Anyway, after a day or two, my laptop’s keyboard worked again. Yay! I read some troubleshooting articles online and followed one – to blow dry my keyboard. It worked but not immediately. But just the same, I am still using my teeny-weeny USB keyboard until I buy a new keyboard keyboard for the laptop.


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