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>> Saturday, May 25, 2013

New investors are sometimes overwhelmed by all that they must learn in order to become competitive. However, with the help of seasoned professionals, it becomes much easier to integrate into the stock industry. Here are a few successful investors that novices can learn from.

Donald Trump

COMPANY: Trump International
Donald Trump

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Some people might scoff that Trump made this list, but the truth is that Donald Trump can teach future investors a lot about what not to do. Trumps multiple bankruptcies and failings can lend insights to others about jumping into the market too fast and investing too much in bad ventures.

Another thing that people can learn from Donald Trump is resilience: in spite of his many failings and embarrassments, he continues to thrive socially and in business. This is because he never gives up. From that, new investors can learn that no matter how bad they are, they can succeed if they just keep trying.

Bob Farrell

COMPANY: Merrill Lynch
TITLE: Technical Analyst

This stock wizard earned more money for others than most business minds can fathom. He worked hard, and never followed the footpaths of his forefathers in stocks. He believed firmly in making up your own mind, and following your own intuition in stocks.

He worked for Merrill Lynch for more than a decade, and became a Wall Street veteran with more than 50 years of experience. Farrell's rules pioneered a new school of thinking for investors. He was a stock mastermind: novice investors could learn from his rules that time is a friend of young investors.


COMPANY: Brooklyn Nets, 40/40 Club, Rocawear, and Roc Nation
TITLE: Rapper, Entrepreneur


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Your probably know Jay-Z as that guy with the incredibly beautiful fiancée, or that rapper with a clothing line. However, Jay-Z is known to stock investors as a man of many talents. Jay-Z has successfully earned more money investing soundly than most brokerage firms could hope to gain. He has taken a few risky ventures that paid off, and proven to others that investing in your own brand is a smart choice.

Ken Fisher

COMPANY: Fisher Investments

The founder of Fisher Investments is Ken Fisher. He is a brilliant best-selling author, as well as a great investor. He understands the stock market better than most brokerage firms, and he has a record that proves it. By reading books by Ken Fisher and following his guest posts on industry blogs new investors can learn a lot about the market.

Ken Fisher, Fisher Investments CEO, is more than a man of great business acumen. He also studies California's redwood lumbering history and has worked with former US presidents. He teaches new investors that they must relax and be patient, rather than checking their stocks every few seconds.

When novices take the time to learn from savvy, seasoned professionals they become smarter about their stock choices. By reading the books of great minds, following blogs of industry leaders, and communicating with others on message boards, new investors can learn a lot from their peers.



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