The Fun Rock Concert Party…

>> Wednesday, April 17, 2013

… that we missed.

This crazy weather has been ruining my social life. Ever since the year started with a really cold weather, my resistance to illnesses became weak and I’ve been frequently sick unlike the previous year. We were supposed to attend a birthday party last Sunday but I have been sneezing the previous days and suffered from low fever on Saturday night. Thus, we had to forego the plans of going to the big metro for the event.

It was a friend’s son who celebrated the birthday and based on the photos, it was super fun! The theme was rock star (a favorite) and like what the mom said, the venue was perfect! It was arranged like a rock concert venue. The celebrant played the drums too and I wonder if there was an apc40 that made the sound more distinct and powerful. The photos I saw are proofs that indeed it was a super fun party, too bad we missed it!

Next month, we are invited to the first birthday party of my youngest goddaughter and hopefully, we won’t miss it.


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