Our Visit to the Dentist: The Good and the Bad

>> Monday, March 11, 2013

Last weekend, we paid our dentist a visit for prophylaxis. Our daughter had a makeup class that day so it was just the Husband and yours truly. I was also complaining about a sensitive tooth and I thought a dental filling will do the trick. The line was relatively long when we arrived. While the Husband was busy looking for an online shop that sells catches on his iPad, I watched TV along with the other patients. When it was my turn, our dentist did the routine checkup and she advised me to have an x-ray. And I’ve got two news – good and bad.

The good news is that ALL my teeth are looking healthy and sans cavities. I was mighty proud when I learned about it. There goes my many years of proper brushing and consistent visit to the dentist.

The bad news is I don’t need a dental filling since it is a wisdom tooth that causes the problem and it needs to be removed. It was one suggestion that our other dentist (the father of this other dentist) made when he first did a prophylaxis on me. I told him I would consider it but two years later, I’ve obviously ignored his suggestion.

Truth to be told, I dread the pain of tooth extraction but our lady dentist assured me that it will last around 10 minutes tops. This is due to the fact that only a small fraction of my tooth is embedded on the gum so it will take a short time to pull it out. The wisdom tooth in question is the one that causes the sensitivity of the tooth beside it.

And as of press time, I still don’t have the courage yet to go back for tooth extraction. Well, I have been living a relatively busy life (business, blogging and domestic chores can be demanding) so I have a valid reason to postpone. Also, it would be nice if the Husband goes with me so he can hold my hand (hah!) and buy me ice cream later. But  that can only happen on weekends. Aaaargh. Hopefully, this weekend is THE weekend. We don’t have a schedule event yet and we’re going on a vacation very soon so I have to get this big problem done and be over with soon. Wish me luck!


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