A Major Dental Boo-Boo

>> Friday, February 15, 2013

Some months ago, I encountered a dental emergency when a dental filling that I had chipped off after three years. And because of that, I made the mistake of going to a dentist I barely knew because:

1. I was too busy to see our dentist whose clinic is a ride away.
2. This stranger-dentist’s clinic is just a stone’s throw away from our place.

That decision is the biggest dental mistake I made in my entire life. I had prophylaxis and dental filling which were quite expensive. I expected her to do a good job, which obviously did not happen. After two days, the major dental filling (the one that replaced the chipped molar) got fell off! And I was just eating gummy bears! Aaargh. But instead of going back to her to fix it, I found time to go and see my real dentist who was so kind enough to repair the damage without making me feel guilty. Hahaha! She even advised me to observe and offered an alternative in case the new filling falls off again.

That experience taught me not to compromise our health and safety just because it is convenient. It is a major task for us to find new and reliable medical practitioners like pediatricians, dentists, etc. since we are relatively new in this place. Having found a good dentist then, is already an accomplishment. And with what I experienced (and how much I’ve paid), I am not going to see another dentist as long as we are here.


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