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>> Friday, February 22, 2013

Some weeks ago, my daughter was required to bring some seeds to school. It’s a good thing that we remembered that a nearby mall’s supermarket sells some seed packets. I let her chose and she got her self some okra seeds.

Later that week, I learned that they only needed a few so it was not surprising when she planted the rest in our giant pot. And like a good girl that she is, she has been watering it with what she gathers from our water fountains outdoor gardens! Hahaha! The seeds surprisingly have grown and this development certainly made a girl very happy. However, they need to be transferred to their individual pots. Hopefully, the husband can (and will) do it this weekend or else, they might all wilt and die. It will certainly be a big accomplishment for my daughter if they fully grow and bear fruits.


18th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

18th Philippine International Balloon Fiesta

To celebrate a good friend’s birthday, we have planned to go and join the festival at the 18th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta tomorrow. This event is being held at the Omni Aviation Complex, Clark Special Economic Zone, Pampanga. It started last February 21 until 24, 2013. 

We’ve been there two years ago and we were very impressed with the hot air balloons and enjoyed the other fun activities as well. Unfortunately, the weather has not been cooperating. It has been raining since early morning today and the weather forecast for tomorrow isn’t that good either.

Anyway, we are hoping that Sunday is THE day. That the sun will shine brightly so we can finally go and join the festivities.


Hey There, Weekend!

>> Friday, February 15, 2013

And it is another weekend! If you know me personally, you would have known by now that it is my most favorite time of the week (just like the majority!). So, what are our plans for this weekend?

Saturday is a consultation with teachers/ claiming of report cards. It is a first time that it’s scheduled on a weekend and I am very happy since it means that the husband can go with me. And the better news is that our daughter ranked first AGAIN! She’s been first honor for three consecutive grading periods now and obviously, I am way too happy and proud of her. After the consultation, we plan to see our dentist for prophylaxis for both the husband and yours truly. Our daughter just had hers early this month. Afterward, maybe we could go and celebrate. I promised our daughter that I will reward her with P200 every grading that she tops her class. (This is a first time since we’ve conditioned her of NOT being rewarded for doing a great job. Why? Because it is HER DUTY to do her best.) Anyway, she spends her reward on books so most likely, we’re going to hit the mall for a little book-shopping and some celebrating. I want to buy new crafting books and my husband needs to find a good aluminum tube bending for a project he wants to start. To end the day, we plan to hear the anticipated mass and then enjoy the rest of the evening.

On Sunday, it will just be a day of rest and preparation for a new week ahead. No plans to go out either but let’s see.

I hope you too, shall have a restful and refreshing weekend!


A Major Dental Boo-Boo

Some months ago, I encountered a dental emergency when a dental filling that I had chipped off after three years. And because of that, I made the mistake of going to a dentist I barely knew because:

1. I was too busy to see our dentist whose clinic is a ride away.
2. This stranger-dentist’s clinic is just a stone’s throw away from our place.

That decision is the biggest dental mistake I made in my entire life. I had prophylaxis and dental filling which were quite expensive. I expected her to do a good job, which obviously did not happen. After two days, the major dental filling (the one that replaced the chipped molar) got fell off! And I was just eating gummy bears! Aaargh. But instead of going back to her to fix it, I found time to go and see my real dentist who was so kind enough to repair the damage without making me feel guilty. Hahaha! She even advised me to observe and offered an alternative in case the new filling falls off again.

That experience taught me not to compromise our health and safety just because it is convenient. It is a major task for us to find new and reliable medical practitioners like pediatricians, dentists, etc. since we are relatively new in this place. Having found a good dentist then, is already an accomplishment. And with what I experienced (and how much I’ve paid), I am not going to see another dentist as long as we are here.


Today (2/14/2013)

>> Thursday, February 14, 2013

Outside my window… a really sunny Valentine’s Day! It is not that humid YET so I am not complaining.
I am thinking… of destructing and reconstructing an accessory to come up with a nicer one.

From the kitchen… Oh lots! I have a 2-day old pork adobo, ginataan, fresh lumpia.
I am wearing… my new tank top and favorite shorts.
I am creating… a list of topics for my very fresh travel blog.
I am going…to visit the dentist this weekend.

Around the house… just yours truly trying to work on some online tasks.
One of my favorite things… my pasta machine which I use for my clay crafting. It is very useful and one of my essentials.

A picture I love: The troop during my birthday celebration last year.


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