Movies and Long Queues

>> Friday, December 14, 2012

It can be a challenge at times to line up and purchase tickets for a box office movie. The number of people lining up for those precious tickets could be impossibly long. You might even end up thinking that you should have come to watch the movie on another time, another day.

Add to the long queues the reality that sometimes, others will not even bother to fall in line. They position themselves in front, shockingly oblivious that other people are lining up. These are times that having something like a stanchion post could be very useful. This would help people stay in line and would remind everyone else what is expected from them.


Oh So Busy

>> Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I haven’t been THIS busy my entire life. Each minute of my day is very important as I have to finish commissioned orders for my online shop named The Clay Craft Studio and write blog posts. Apart from that, I have to run a household. It’s a good thing that my husband is very supportive and my daughter is big enough to care for her self.


This week is what I call my storm before the calm. And true enough, I have been sleeping at midnight to finish orders or posts and then I wake up around 6AM to prepare my daughter for school. I try my best to get at least six hours of sleep everyday as lack of sleep can trigger the worst migraine. I try to take supplements too in order to boost my immune system. I learned that eating well helps. I don’t have much time and energy to cook decent meals nowadays (and we don’t have hired help) so thanks to take outs, my family is still nourished.

So I can’t wait for this week to over and eventually, enjoy the fruits of our labor (and the long break) with my family. We hope to enjoy the sun, sea and sand somewhere and to see friends and relatives. It is going to be fun and absolutely the best way to end this wonderfully blessed year.


Parties and Gifts

>> Wednesday, December 5, 2012

There are many things I miss about working at the university, especially during this season. One is the festival that we all celebrate around this time. Another and my most favorite is the Christmas party among us close friends. We made it a point to come together regularly and Christmas is one of our most favorite reasons to party. Most often, we order or prepare our favorite foods (the menu has become predictable but no one’s complaining!) and have our traditional exchange gifts. Some of us always want to make it dramatic and exciting – the picking of names and opening of gifts. We always have to come up with the most creative names and explain our gifts. (I received a really nice set of archipelago candles and the explanation behind the gift made me teary-eyed!). Well those are expected as most of us in the group are guidance counselors! We love dramatics. Hahaha!

Anyway, life has taken us to different directions now. First to leave was yours truly and then another close friend left just this year. Many are still there but they claim that it’s different now that the two of us aren’t. I miss them terribly as my days in the past decade were mostly spent with them. That’s why I try to visit and spend time with them whenever I go back to my first home. I am forever grateful to have them in my life. I am very much blessed because of them.



This morning, the long overdue intramurals has finally started at my daughter’s school. And true enough, she woke up early today. It has been her personal observation that during non-class days, she wakes up early no matter how late she sleeps the night before. Oh I perfectly understand her! Haha! Anyway, she won’t be joining any event. It is a good time to have fun and play with her friends but unfortunately, I won’t be letting her leave for school tomorrow. She has been coughing since the week started and I have to let her rest until the weekend. As much as I nag remind her not to run around the school and take it easy so as not to tire herself, I know she’ll forget everything the minute I leave her at school. Thus, it is best that she stays home and recuperate.


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