My Rescuer

>> Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I have been postponing a trip to the optometrist even though we have a good one whose clinic is located at the next block. I have been complaining about eye allergies and eye strain but since I feel better now, I cancelled. Last night, the husband asked me if I want a new and bigger laptop but I told him that this small and trusty one is still OK. He says that the eye strain might be caused by this computer but I suggested that it might be the really small and miniature clay items that I work on. I asked instead for a new speaker since the old one is conking out. And since he’s in the mood, I also requested that he performs a virus scan here with a virus scanner at which was suggested by a friend. I am too lazy to perform maintenance checking and cleanup of this computer and it is good that I have a husband who is otherwise. Hahaha! He surely is my rescuer when it comes to tasks that I am not so keen on doing. Smile


Her Process of Elimination

 Toss Coin
This reminded me of DD who uses a very effective process of elimination when confronted with many choices when she was six.

One of her musts before sleeping is reading her story books. Once, we reminded her that she did not nap that afternoon so she has to sleep early and choose just three books. She already had about eight on her lap. I told her to just choose three. It seemed that doing so is a tough job for a 6-year old kid but she had to  obey me, of course.

Do you know what she did? She laid her books on the bed and started reciting “Eeny, meeny, miny, moo." while pointing to her books successively! She is one smart girl, I tell yah!

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Today (8/25/2012)

>> Saturday, August 25, 2012

Outside my window… a sunny/ cloudy day.
I am thinking… of doing my marketing list after lunch time today. The husband promised to accompany me to the wet market tomorrow and it is one thing that I look forward to doing this long weekend simply because I like shopping for fresh produce and being with the husband. Yay!

I am thankful for… my husband’s unconditional support and love. (Yiii!)  
From the kitchen… my lechon paksiw rice, tocino, sunny side up and Portuguese sardines. Yummy late breakfast!
I am wearing… my new shorts and favorite shirt.
I am creating… some blog posts. 
I am going…to order online some

customized gift cards by plastic printers

. I have been reading some positive reviews about this particular store so I want to try them.
I am hearing… my daughter singing a Christmas song. Someone’s very excited about Christmas!
Around the house…my daughter playing and singing while the husband is reading the news on his iTouch.
One of my favorite things… my newest wooden bed table given by the husband. It makes working on bed more convenient and comfortable.
A picture I love: A Barbie-themed bracelet that yours truly made and it has been a best seller at my online shop.

1 barbie 2


Beware of the Dog. And the Cat.

Owning a pack of dogs and multitude of cats when I was young, this sign would have been a perfect sign to hang by our old gate:

beware of dog signimage source


The Long Weekend that Was

>> Wednesday, August 22, 2012

And we finally emerge from a very looong weekend. It is not that I am too happy about it. Who does not enjoy a long break, right? It was a fun weekend spent with my small family plus my mom who came for a visit. It was her first time to see our small house and we are grateful that she took time from her busy schedule to see us. We do not live in a very grand nor beautifully decorated house but it is open to those who love us and find time to visit us. It means a lot to us. Anyway, we treated my mom to our favorite restaurants and she also did some serious shopping! She also brought some local delicacies and two kilos of lechon from our city and yes, I did most of the eating. Hahaha! I also received a very advanced and luxurious birthday gift! Yay!

Unfortunately, the weekend is also sad for us and the rest of our county as we mourn for the loss of a great man, a true public servant – Secretary Jesse Robredo of the Department of Interior and Local Government. He is a rare gem and well-loved by all sectors in the community. We do mourn not only because of the tragic way that he died but because this country lost a great leader.


Home Care Tips During Winter

>> Friday, August 10, 2012

Once the winter season begins, staying indoors becomes more preferred for obvious reasons. The cold, rain, sleet and snow can be unbearable and the home is best sanctuary against these elements.  And while the home serves as our refuge during the winter season, it is also our duty to take care of it. There are several ways to ensure that your house is in good condition especially when it is winter. Here are some tips:

Keep it Warm. Ensure that you central heating is working properly by checking your radiators. If the radiator is cold, it indicates that a pin in the thermostatic value has encountered a problem. On the other hand, a warm radiator indicates its need for “bleeding”. You might also want to go for Radiant Floor Heating Kits if you need additional source of heat.

Check for Draughts, Cracks and Leaks. This is to make sure that the heating does not exit your house. You do not want to waste your money on a heating system that can’t serve its purpose because of draughts and leaks. Make sure that your windows are robust enough to keep the brisk wind away.

Regulate the Heat. While keeping warm in the winter is a priority, make sure that your home is not a fire hazard to the community. Keep any flammable materials away from your electric heaters. Moreover, find a qualified chimney sweep to take care of your chimneys. Make sure too that your smoke alarm is working properly. 

Prevent Burst Pipes. Frozen and burst pipes is a major cause of problem when it happens. Make sure that all your pipes are insulated so that heat gets into the rarely used rooms of your home like the attic. If leaving the home, keep your heating on low. While some believe that heating your home when no one is around is a waste of money, it is the best preventive measure against burst pipes and damaged homes.


Not Our Trash Can

With what our country has experienced, one lesson that we had to learn in a very hard way is this:

True. The world is not our trash can. We can do our own small shares of saving the planet by being mindful of our acts and become more responsible consumers.


Today (8/9/2012)

>> Thursday, August 9, 2012

Outside my window… a really very gloomy day.
I am thinking… of how nice it is to see the sun shining again. This terrible weather has caused more than enough damages!
I am thankful for… my family being warm, safe and dry in the middle of this calamity but I feel for those severely affected by this awful weather condition.  
From the kitchen… pancakes and spaghetti.
I am wearing… pajamas and my favorite t-shirt.
I am creating… or writing some blog posts just before the deadline. Yay! 
I am going…to print some photo requirements for my daughter.

I am reading…  news updates regarding our weather condition.
I am hearing… just some vehicles passing by.
Around the house…my daughter reviewing her notes why I try to blog.
One of my favorite things… a wooden thingamajig that my husband bought for me two weekends ago. It is where I hang my finished key chains and other items I use for crafting.
A picture I love: Colorful yet inedible cupcakes, anyone?

cupcake polymer clay


AirPhil Express Seat Sale (8/6/2012)

>> Monday, August 6, 2012

airphil express seat sale
Another seat sale is happening at my favorite airline  - AirPhil Express. And this time, they are offering discounted fares for Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Hongkong. For Php488 as base fare, one can already visit these places from October 15 to December 15, 2012. Head over AirPhil Express’ website to book.

I consider ourselves lucky to be living near an international airport and once our passports are processed, we are going to start our Asian tour. I have encountered a problem with the Local Civil Registry at the place where we got married, thus, I am still waiting for our marriage certificate to be released by the National Statistics Office. One friend said that we should start our overseas travel soon and enjoy what other countries have to offer. I just have to remember

buy padron cigars for him as tokens from our overseas trip. I asked him to help me pray that the pray that the authorities will expedite the processing of our papers so that we can travel soon and buy him those cigars.


Missing Them

My desktop looks like this just because I miss them:
Pardon my being emotional this early but certainly, the time I spent with them is one of the best  and most memorable in my life. Hopefully, we can do this again in the coming years.


TV and Work

>> Friday, August 3, 2012

Watching my favorite TV series is a rare treat nowadays. I initially thought that I can work on my polymer clay craft while something is shown on our samsung led but I discovered that I was wrong. I can’t concentrate on whatever I am working when molding with clay and follow the story on TV. However, I can freely listen to music or podcast when clay crafting. That I can never do when I am blogging since I require a relatively silent room whenever I am working with words.


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