Words of Wisdom for my Graduates

>> Thursday, May 31, 2012

Some who belong to the last batch of student leaders that I took under my wings prior to leaving the university have graduated two months ago. I was able to meet them during my recent trip back there and handed them their personalized graduation gifts and did some catching up. 

I learned that one of them was already accepted in a bank where she served as an intern. On the other hand, two nurses are reviewing for the board exam. Two of them will be reviewing for the licensure exam for teachers and another is still contemplating whether he’ll be going back to the university as a teacher or headed to the seminary as an aspiring seminarian. It sure was nice to finally see them leave the university as graduates. Before I bid them goodbye, I reminded them of the following:

  1. Never to forget what they learned under our tutelage;
  2. To always choose and do what is right and good;
  3. Not to marry at an early age.

And that last piece of advice never failed to bring a smile on their faces.


7 Happy Thoughts for the Week

>> Wednesday, May 30, 2012

This week’s happy thoughts for me are:

  1. The very refreshing and invigorating summer break that I had recently. I am now back more alive and ready to face another school year.
  2. Friends and my parents who made the said break memorable. It is always a joy to return to my first home and spend time with them.

  3. The husband who allowed and encouraged me to take the much needed break. He has always been supportive of me and my crazy ideas. He even bought me flowers and posted welcome notes on our doors (separately for me and the daughter) when we arrived home last weekend.

  4. The inspiration and drive to play in the kitchen again.

  5. My online job that keeps me busy and productive.

  6. We were able to enroll the girl early this week and shop for school materials too.

  7. The occasional rain that cools the temperature down.


Checking In!

>> Saturday, May 12, 2012

I have been offline (sorta) for about a week because my daughter and I are on a trip. Since the Internet is relatively weak here, I can’t regularly go online. Well, aside from the fact that I am busy catching up with my very many friends here. We are staying at my parents’ place. During the day, I visit and spend time at my first office at the academe. It is where my closest friends work and it sure fun to be with them again, just like in the past. I get to see other friends too.

Last night, some of my high school batch mates and I had dinner and coffee together. Too bad others were not able to make it. We all went home right before midnight and promised each other to meet again.

Today, I said hello to some of our family friends, the people who saw me grow in our community. I also spent the afternoon with a younger friend from the university. We did what we like doing – spend some hours in a store at the city, not looking for anything particular and buying things we do not really need like deco tapes, pairs and pairs of scissors and even different kinds of desk grommet. This afternoon, we found ourselves some nice notebooks and screws. Afterward, we had lunch and coffee and we did not notice how time passed as by as we exchanged stories and updates.

It sure was a great first week of my summer break, especially that I get to be with my old friends again. For the next two weeks, I am due to meet the others and attend some events too. Should be fun!


Today (5/4/2012)

>> Friday, May 4, 2012

Outside my window… it’s getting dark and hopefully, colder.
I am thinking… of how nice it is to finally do some shopping after a looong time. 
I am thankful for… the climate that is getting colder.
From the kitchen… fish and pork and shrimps and vegetables. I am still thinking of what to do with them. 
I am wearing… an old shirt and shorts.
I am creating… a mess! I bought some new clothes which I fitted once we got home. I still haven’t put them away. Too tired.
I am going…to celebrate Mother’s Day in advance this weekend.
I am reading…  Jubilee by Fr. Joseph A. Galdon, SJ. He is/ was a godfather/ sponsor during our wedding and he certainly helped make our marriage work. He is in heaven now but thanks to his books, we can still learn from his kind heart and brilliant mind.
I am hoping… that it will rain tonight.
I am hearing… the sound made by the electric fan and cars outside.
Around the house…a kid in the kitchen, making herself some sandwiches.
One of my favorite things… my super old laptop. The netbook broke down during our trip two weeks ago. We left it at the service center there while I rely on this old one for work.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Mostly tidying up, packing, and final errands before we leave for a long vacation.
A picture I love: This was shared by a friend on Facebook yesterday. I find it funny and true! The one who shared this is actually a young priest and he said that he can’t relate with the photo. I have to agree because well, he’s been on the big side since we met soooo many years back! LOL!
evolution of a seminarian


9 Happy Thoughts for the Week

>> Wednesday, May 2, 2012

They say that the best way to deal with negative vibes is to beat them with good ones. Obviously, someone is feeling a wee bit under the weather and following the abovementioned advice, I am forcing myself to create a list of my happy thoughts for the week.

  1. The usual bonding with my husband watching our favorite series while binging on ice cream and potato chips. It’s my most awaited part of the weekend!
  2. Sunday spent with the family in-law and some friends. It was great catching up with them again when we celebrated mother in-law and grandma in-law’s birthday.

  3. Our Monday visit with friends Andy and Emmie plus their adorable girl, Tessa. We enjoyed good food, good company and a little bit of Duty Free shopping. Yay!

  4. Yesterday being a holiday, my husband came home Monday evening. He usually comes home on Fridays only so it’s a treat when there’s a holiday. Unfortunately, he brought home some work so we were not able to watch our favorite series but we were able to catch a documentary about the ins and outs of

    Preplanning a funeral.

    What I like about topics like those is that it makes you assess the life you live right now and decide to make better choices.

  5. The husband and I went to market together to buy fresh produce. I discovered that I like having extra hands when marketing as I my two hands can barely carry all that I take home from the market. We brought rice, vegetables, fruits, fish, shrimps, pork and two young coconuts.

  6. And from our marketing escapade, I cooked my very first pork pochero! Yey! I have been planning to cook this dish and when I was done, I wondered what took me so looong to try my hand on this. It’s so easy to prepare and being a lover of tomato sauce-based dishes, this absolutely is love! Take a look:

  7. Unexpected conversations with friends. These can certainly lift up a lonely spirit. They always remind me of how blessed I have been.

  8. Work, work, work. Gotta love the load of work coming my way since last month. Gone are those days when I wake up and wonder what to do to make my day productive. But nah, I don’t miss ‘em!

  9. Our upcoming trip. Honestly, it is a major thing that causes my anxiety right now. It’s quite a long vacation and I am not looking forward to it. It makes me wonder why oh why did I ever book such a long break. However, there are things to be accomplished back there so I must put on a happy face, prepare myself for the trip, force myself to look forward to it and schedule my days wisely. It’s still a vacation after all! My last hurrah before another school year begins. Aaargh.


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