Saying “Hello!”

>> Friday, April 27, 2012

It’s been a while since my last post and a lot of things had happened. One major event is the trip that our family had last week to attend a wedding of a relative. It was a refreshing experience albeit stressful. We encountered problems along the way and the major, major one involves a dead laptop. I was supposed to work while on a break since I had a long list of online tasks. However, when I opened the laptop on Day 2 of our vacation, it just wouldn’

t boot! To make the story short, we left it at the service center and authorized my BFF to claim it our behalf. When we got back, we were informed that the laptop is going to be useless unless we change the motherboard plus battery which cost more than the unit itself. I was brokenhearted, of course, as a new laptop isn’t included in our budget this year. But lo and behold, it is now working fine. We just have to pay for a new battery plus the cleaning up fee. For now, I am using a really old laptop with broken monitor. I hooked it on to our LED TV to make it easy on the eyes. Needless to say, I missed and lost of work but I am hoping for a better month come May.

Anyway, it was great catching up with relatives and friends though I wish we had more time. We’ll be going back next month sans the husband so it won’t be as fun when we’re travelling together. But there are some things that I need to accomplish back there so I’ll be going along with the not-so-little girl. I look forward too, to spending time with my friends there – it is something that I really, really miss now that we live far, far away from them. It is an annual event for me now, to spend some summer days with them. Aside from that, a super close friend of mine and I will be planning a despedida party for another super close friend. Her family will be relocating soon and we’re going to miss them so much. But we’re very happy that finally, the three of them will be living a better life together.

Moving on, let me introduce you to my new furry friends named Roary and Pounce:

Beanie Baby
I love felines since I was young and I had a handful of cats while growing up. I was delighted to see these two lovelies at my friend’s online store and since I can’t take care of a real cat this time, these will do plus the bigger one given to me by the husband ten years ago. 

Well, there are tons of tasks and chores to do before we leave again next month! But for now, I am going to take a good break and enjoy the weekend. I hope it’s going to be a restful one for you too!



>> Monday, April 16, 2012

Outside my window… a dark and peaceful midnight.
I am thinking… of how long my to-do list is for this week. 
I am thankful for… our family’s health plus the financial blessings that we spend, save and share.
From the kitchen… fishes and vegetables plus fruits.
I am wearing… my usual tank top and shorts.
I am creating… blogs posts and hopefully, some Minnie Mouse themed key chains for a goddaughter tomorrow.
I am going…to accomplish as much as I can on my to-do list as I can tomorrow and on Wednesday.
I am reading…  The House of God by Max Lucado.
I am hoping… for a somewhat cooler temperature tomorrow. It’s way too hot nowadays! I am running out of ls14250c batteries since I frequently bring and use our battery-operated compact fan when going out
I am hearing… the whirring of the electric fans’ blades.
Around the house…a sleeping kid and an adult trying to work on some tasks.
One of my favorite things… our washing machine! It is basic but very helpful in cutting my laundry time and laundry soap consumption in half.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Oh a lot! It’s just a Monday so I still have six days! Blog, finish some household chores, meet some friends, fly to another city, meet relatives and friends there, attend a wedding and reunion, HIT THE BEACH! 
A picture I love: A rather expensive yet very decadent slice of Tartufo from Italliani’s on my daughter’s birthday.


Facebook, I Owe You!

>> Monday, April 2, 2012

There was a time last year when I thought of deactivating my Facebook account for some time. I realized that I was wasting too much time on it and the habit is obviously counterproductive. But since it is the only way that I get in touch conveniently with people who are dear yet far, I stayed on. And I am happy that I am still there since today, I finally found and reconnected with one of my closest friends in college. The last time we saw each other during our clearances after graduation and that happened a loooong time ago. The two of us belong to an all-girls group of six and I am closest to her. We used to hang out at the library, the chapel and canteen. We both like reading and we usually exchange notes on the books we have borrowed from the library. Obviously, reading electronic books was not a fad yet. We also attend Masses together and of course, we pay the canteen a visit around three to four times daily. Hahaha!

During our long chat today, I updated her about our other friends. We had a reunion last Christmas and she was the only person missing. It sure was great being in touch with her again and knowing that she is doing well. What makes it more special is the possibility of all of us being together for a super grand reunion next month. I will be going home and so is she. We are thinking of surprising the other girls and I know it is going to be memorable. I am hoping that this will push through as I would love to see us all together again.

So thanks, Facebook. We might have this love-hate-love relationship but at the end of the day, you know I love you.



Out of Hunger


Yes, my hunger is something that shouldn’t be ignored or taken for granted. A hungry me is a bad me. LOL!

image source


Busy and Happy

One of the problems dreaded by most parents, especially those who work from home, during long breaks is the I-am-bored line by the kids, especially the younger ones. But in my case, now that my daughter has been on summer break for about 15 days now, I only heard that line from her once. What made her stop complaining about being bored is that she finally discovered how many her books are. And that her toys are just waiting for her to be played and there are tons of them! I do not let her watch TV though I allow here some time for

discount dvd movie which is suitable for her age. Also, we enrolled her to some crafting classes to learn new skills and meet new friends. She also know that we are going to have two travels and in one of those, she gets to spend time with her old friends and that thought keeps her happy and hopeful.

One thing I can’t tolerate for long is eternal whining and complaining. Thus, it does me and my daughter good if she is happy and busy. I can stay busy and happy too. Win-win situation, if you ask me!


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