Today (10/24/2012)

>> Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Outside my window… a dark and cold night, the perfect temperature for a sound sleep.
I am thinking… of how affected I’ve been of what I read on Facebook. It’s a good thing that there is an option to hide unwanted posts.

From the kitchen… we had last night’s leftovers – pork chop in gravy, dried squid (my favorite!) and a piece of cake from last Sunday’s party. (I just finished a cupcake from the said party prior to dinner. Sssh…)
I am wearing… the husband’s shirt and my shorts.
I am creating… a lot of baptismal tokens! It was a productive day and I finished around 49 pieces today. Why 49? Because I was done with assembling, baking and chaining them and I’ve put away all my materials when I realized that I missed one piece. Aaaargh.
I am going…to try to finish all the work that I can do this week so that next week, I can have a laidback and relaxing vacation with my family.

Around the house…someone’s reading her new books while I try to get some work done (and chat with a friend on Facebook).

One of my favorite things… this nice (and third) laptop table that my husband bought me. It is very convenient when working and eating on the bed. Hehehe.

A picture I love: Just one batch of the baptismal tokens that I’ve recently finished. These are not the ones I’ve discussed in this post but will surely share the photo of those too, one of these days.

polymer clay babies


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