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>> Monday, October 8, 2012

And we welcome another busy week. My family had a rather relaxing weekend spent with some persons closest to our hearts, some shopping, DVD marathon and much sleeping (at least on my part). Thus, I think I am quite ready for the busy schedule that this week brings. Here are some things on my list:

  • Send billing to clients (done!).
  • Check and schedule the online tasks that I need to write.
  • Buy the best rechargeable battery for our remote controls.
  • Pay some bills.
  • Deposit payment for some stuff I bought online last week.
  • Shop for some crafting supplies. (Again.)
Of course, included in the list are the usual weekly household chores and the blogging, clay crafting. While I wish to have extra pair of hands and time to do all the things that I want and need to accomplish, I am assured that I have a husband who is loving enough to know what are the tasks that he can help me with and just do them without being asked to. Life’s definitely sweeter with a better half like him!

Have a great week, y’all!


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