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>> Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Even though he didn't go to law school, joe francis, he knows his rights by heart and knows his way around court rooms. But, in spring of 2007, when court ordered joe francis jail time, it blew his mind. He felt and believed that there was clearly something fishy occurring for him to be denied of his basic rights and it was the ability to bail. He was put to court trials with the guardians in the girls who became a part of Girls Gone Wild filming given that they turned out to be minors and lied relating to ages. It had been settled through mediation talks but it was for the girls’ complaint as to how I talked and negotiated using them that got me heated inside the eyes from the court people. He was arrested for such that they claimed in (Legal Story) that his usage of what was an unprofessional manner of talking was even in a confidential mediation, meaning there is really injustice as to how he was put behind bars.

Joe was detained for 11 months which contained several appeals for bail but nothing happened. It was through his stay there that at some part, his lawyer and friend Roy Black stopped contacting him. He even exposed for media interviews when he in jail knowing that sparked many support through letters and e-mails for him. To create everything even irritating, for the reason that girls (accusers) have been paid $70 million favored by the court, even bragged publicly their newly purchased luxury cars (Mercedes, BMW and Lexus) and also the two even had breast enhancer jobs. It turned out through the help of Roy’s wife, Lea Black, that he was set out of jail. Clearly, judges that held Francis’ cases had something personal against him and yes it was extremely evident.


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