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>> Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A highlight last week that was very memorable was when the BFF and his mother and sister came to stay with us en route to their Hong Kong trip. It was indeed refreshing to spend time with persons who are very easy to please. We have previous trips with them and it is consistent – we always, always enjoy their company. We took them around the city and treated them at places where we usually eat. It is a bonus that the BFF and I both have the same preference for food! We also took them to a Duty Free shopping and we know that they enjoyed it since upon their return from Hong Kong, they asked that we bring them back to the Duty Free store for more shopping. (Did I mention I shopped too?)

Anyway, we are hoping that by next year, we can all travel together and visit some historical places, both here and abroad. But before that, my family and I have to secure our passports first and that is bound to take place this month. By December, however, we hope to see them again as it’s our turn to visit them.  Hopefully, my friend’s car is already repaired (it encountered a road mishap AGAIN) and its adjustable trailer hitch replaced. We are planning to hit the beach and we need a good, working car to get there. Smile


Aggie October 23, 2012 at 8:11 AM  

Ay Ate! Get passports na nga! :P

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