Hello, Weekend!

>> Saturday, October 13, 2012

It is good to finally say that again. I have worked hard during the week and I think I deserve some rest. And I do need some self-rewarding too. I want to drop by one of our favorite local restaurants for a native delicacy that I have been craving for. It’s a good thing that they have branch at our favorite mall that’s having a 3-day sale. We need to also buy some cheap plus size homecoming dresses, not for me but for a friend who can’t find a style that fits her taste. I know her too well and she said that she trusts my judgment so she gave me her size and I will go shop for her later. My husband and daughter needs to shop for some things too, aside from our groceries. Indeed, it’s a great day to go malling! I hope you’re enjoying the weekend too!


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