The Long Weekend that Was

>> Wednesday, August 22, 2012

And we finally emerge from a very looong weekend. It is not that I am too happy about it. Who does not enjoy a long break, right? It was a fun weekend spent with my small family plus my mom who came for a visit. It was her first time to see our small house and we are grateful that she took time from her busy schedule to see us. We do not live in a very grand nor beautifully decorated house but it is open to those who love us and find time to visit us. It means a lot to us. Anyway, we treated my mom to our favorite restaurants and she also did some serious shopping! She also brought some local delicacies and two kilos of lechon from our city and yes, I did most of the eating. Hahaha! I also received a very advanced and luxurious birthday gift! Yay!

Unfortunately, the weekend is also sad for us and the rest of our county as we mourn for the loss of a great man, a true public servant – Secretary Jesse Robredo of the Department of Interior and Local Government. He is a rare gem and well-loved by all sectors in the community. We do mourn not only because of the tragic way that he died but because this country lost a great leader.


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