My Rescuer

>> Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I have been postponing a trip to the optometrist even though we have a good one whose clinic is located at the next block. I have been complaining about eye allergies and eye strain but since I feel better now, I cancelled. Last night, the husband asked me if I want a new and bigger laptop but I told him that this small and trusty one is still OK. He says that the eye strain might be caused by this computer but I suggested that it might be the really small and miniature clay items that I work on. I asked instead for a new speaker since the old one is conking out. And since he’s in the mood, I also requested that he performs a virus scan here with a virus scanner at which was suggested by a friend. I am too lazy to perform maintenance checking and cleanup of this computer and it is good that I have a husband who is otherwise. Hahaha! He surely is my rescuer when it comes to tasks that I am not so keen on doing. Smile


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