Today (7/15/2012)

>> Sunday, July 15, 2012

Outside my window… a hot and bright sunny day.
I am thinking… of how nice it is to just lounge and watch a movie now instead of cramming and beating the deadline.
I am thankful for… my work-from-home opportunity. I might whine and complain about being tired all the time but they keep me productive and happy.  
From the kitchen… spaghetti and pork chops.
I am wearing… my favorite tank top and shorts.
I am creating… an Instagram logo out of polymer clay. 
I am going…to purchase a gift for my cousin from I just read that this online shop is giving big discounts plus I saw a gift idea there that perfectly fits the celebrant’s personality.

I am reading…  some magazines about jewelry-making.
I am hearing… my daughter singing her favorite song.
Around the house…my daughter singing while putting away her toys while the husband is busy reading today’s broadsheet.
One of my favorite things… a new sketch notebook where I intend to draw and write ideas for my polymer clay hobby.
A picture I love: Who wants a french macaroon? Unfortunately, it is not edible. Hahaha!

key chain - french macaroon


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