Things for the New House

>> Wednesday, June 13, 2012

According to the developer, we are due to move in to our purchased home before this year ends. But due to some problems with their license to sell, the date has been postponed. However, that does not prevent us from shopping things both big and small, for the new house. Two months ago, my husband bought me a set of cooking pots that I have yet to take out from the box. I also have some decorations for the kitchen, organizers and vases. Yesterday, we chanced upon a nice solar lighthouse mailbox which we all liked so we bought one. I saw a good table but since the apartment where we are living right now is quite small, we have to postpone buying one.

Hopefully, we can finally move in next year because I am very much excited to see how these things will go together once I take them out of their boxes.


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