Hello June, Hello School!

>> Friday, June 1, 2012

Since school is about to open next week (or is it two weeks from now?), my hands are full with preparing my daughter for it. My list includes:

  • Cover her books.
  • Change her uniform’s patch and do a simple repair in one of them.
  • Wash and iron her uniforms.
  • Check with the school when is the *real* opening of school is.
We only have one pupil and our hands are already tied in prepping her for it. We enrolled her last Monday and started shopping for her school stuff. And we are not done yet. Aside from shopping for new

ford truck seat covers this weekend, we also need to buy her new pairs of shoes since her old ones do not fit her anymore.

The amount of sending a grade schooler to school these days is quite expensive and classes have not started yet. It’s a good thing that we have a diligent and smart girl. She has been making us very proud with her excellent academic performance since she started going to school.


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