Back to School and Then Some

>> Friday, June 8, 2012

School has officially opened at this part of the world. After 2.5 months of staying up and waking up late, we returned to the old routine of being up early last Tuesday. I prepared breakfast and then brought my girl to school afterward. As a tradition, we took some photos prior to going out and once we arrived at her school. However, she was already excited about meeting her new classmates and was sending me back home too soon. Sure signs that:

  1. She’s an extrovert.
  2. She loves school.
  3. She’s independent and does not feel separation anxiety.
  4. She’s a baby no more.

So I went home and wallowed into misery for about 10 minutes because of item number 4. I talked to the husband over the phone and then I prepared my first breakfast for the school year and enjoyed the serenity and silence of being home and alone again.  Another major task was being able to somehow plot my week’s schedule.

Anyway, it’s a Friday and I can’t say that I did cross off a lot in my list of to-do but two major things were accomplished: grocery-shopping and marketing. As always, I will have a busy long weekend and I will try to squeeze in some of the unaccomplished tasks while trying to enjoy it.

Have a great weekend!


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