7 Happy Thoughts for the Week

>> Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Friday, everyone! I know I am not late YET in posting this week’s happy thoughts so here we go!

  1. The long weekend that our family enjoyed. The husband filed a leave of absence last Monday for a checkup as a part of his annual PE and Tuesday was a national holiday being the country’s day of Independence. We just lounged around the house and finished NCIS’s latest season. Someone was surely unhappy when we the season finale ended. It’s a good thing I still have two more seasons of House, MD. Hehe.
  2. The temperature has become cooler. The rainy season has began and the only thing that I am grateful for is that the temperature isn’t an issue anymore. At least for me. It has been raining and what’s nice is that our laundry was already done prior to the typhoon entering the country. Yey!

  3. A close friend of mine sent me an email requesting me to stand as one of her daughter’s godmother in her upcoming baptism. It has always been an honor for me to be considered as a godparent to my friends’ children and I always make it a point to attend the ceremonies whenever I can. The event will take place next month and I can’t wait to see the little girl and my friends too!

  4. Speaking of godchildren, we attended a first birthday of a godson last weekend. It was nice to see him again. He seem to have lost weight because he’s becoming more active but still, he’s a very happy and healthy and adorable baby! And my daughter enjoyed the party too!

  5. We were able to meet my brother and a cousin last weekend after the party. It was an impromptu meet up but nonetheless, it was fun. They are some of my most favorite persons in the world and spending time with them surely made me happy. My family and I went home late but we all had a super grand time.

  6. I took out my box of supplies and made some things out of polymer clay. I now remember how fun it is, to create using my hands. They were orders made by a friend some months back and it is embarrassing that I only get to do them now. Aside from that, I also have some other pending orders that I hope to do very soon.
  7. The weekend, of course, is always included in this list. I love weekends though honestly, as always, my to-do list still needs some attention. I did not take a peek on my planner this week and there’s no harm done except for forgetting one online task.
And there goes my list! I wish you a very happy Father’s Day weekend!


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