Today (6/20/2012)

>> Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Outside my window… a dark, cold night.
I am thinking… of how busy my day will be tomorrow since my week has just started today. Yikes.
I am thankful for… recovering from malaise which lasted for about three days.
From the kitchen… my Two Cheese Creamy Spaghetti! It is loaded with mushroom and carrots too. The daughter said it’s yummy and I believe her.
I am wearing… a new tank top and shorts.
I am creating… this blog post? LOL!
I am going…to send a parcel to a client tomorrow plus payments to some sellers. I can’t wait for my (claying) loots due to arrive this week!
I am reading…  The Power of a Praying Parents by Stormie Omartian again.
I am hearing… some neighbors noisily discussing some issues.
Around the house…a girl sleeping and yours truly still wide awake waiting for the Husband.
One of my favorite things… my pasta machine. It is very useful for creating with clay. It frees me and my hands from the tedious and endless hours of polymer clay conditioning.
A picture I love: A cupcake with initial, one of the things I created using polymer clay. This is one of the tokens given by my friend’s daughter to her classmates before the school year ended.

polymer clay cupcake


Weight Issues Again

>> Saturday, June 16, 2012

I have been postponing buying two weighing scales. One for my self and the other, a small one for my polymer clay projects. I have not weighed myself for about five months now but by merely fitting my clothes which by the way do not fit well anymore, I know I’ve gained weight. I do not need any weighing scale to tell me that I gained the weight that I lost two years ago. I know I have been slacking when it comes to exercising and unmindful of my diet. I have been binge eating a lot and a friend has advised me to seek help from to help curb my appetite. However, I know I can lose weight if I only have the determination and motivation to do so. Two years ago, I had a target towards the end of the year and I think, it is not late yet to make one for this year. Wish me luck!


7 Happy Thoughts for the Week

>> Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Friday, everyone! I know I am not late YET in posting this week’s happy thoughts so here we go!

  1. The long weekend that our family enjoyed. The husband filed a leave of absence last Monday for a checkup as a part of his annual PE and Tuesday was a national holiday being the country’s day of Independence. We just lounged around the house and finished NCIS’s latest season. Someone was surely unhappy when we the season finale ended. It’s a good thing I still have two more seasons of House, MD. Hehe.
  2. The temperature has become cooler. The rainy season has began and the only thing that I am grateful for is that the temperature isn’t an issue anymore. At least for me. It has been raining and what’s nice is that our laundry was already done prior to the typhoon entering the country. Yey!

  3. A close friend of mine sent me an email requesting me to stand as one of her daughter’s godmother in her upcoming baptism. It has always been an honor for me to be considered as a godparent to my friends’ children and I always make it a point to attend the ceremonies whenever I can. The event will take place next month and I can’t wait to see the little girl and my friends too!

  4. Speaking of godchildren, we attended a first birthday of a godson last weekend. It was nice to see him again. He seem to have lost weight because he’s becoming more active but still, he’s a very happy and healthy and adorable baby! And my daughter enjoyed the party too!

  5. We were able to meet my brother and a cousin last weekend after the party. It was an impromptu meet up but nonetheless, it was fun. They are some of my most favorite persons in the world and spending time with them surely made me happy. My family and I went home late but we all had a super grand time.

  6. I took out my box of supplies and made some things out of polymer clay. I now remember how fun it is, to create using my hands. They were orders made by a friend some months back and it is embarrassing that I only get to do them now. Aside from that, I also have some other pending orders that I hope to do very soon.
  7. The weekend, of course, is always included in this list. I love weekends though honestly, as always, my to-do list still needs some attention. I did not take a peek on my planner this week and there’s no harm done except for forgetting one online task.
And there goes my list! I wish you a very happy Father’s Day weekend!


Things for the New House

>> Wednesday, June 13, 2012

According to the developer, we are due to move in to our purchased home before this year ends. But due to some problems with their license to sell, the date has been postponed. However, that does not prevent us from shopping things both big and small, for the new house. Two months ago, my husband bought me a set of cooking pots that I have yet to take out from the box. I also have some decorations for the kitchen, organizers and vases. Yesterday, we chanced upon a nice solar lighthouse mailbox which we all liked so we bought one. I saw a good table but since the apartment where we are living right now is quite small, we have to postpone buying one.

Hopefully, we can finally move in next year because I am very much excited to see how these things will go together once I take them out of their boxes.



>> Friday, June 8, 2012

This one certainly made me laugh out loud today! It reminded me of the cats I used to have when I was younger.

funny cats


Makeup How-Tos

Two nights ago, my friend shared about being made and glammed up for a photo shoot of a newly launched line of beauty products. She was very much anxious on how she would look and the overall result of the photo shoot. She said that being a late bloomer, she finds the experience fun and enlightening. She now wants to learn what she can about putting on makeup and fixing up her hair. But with her very hectic schedule, she wants how to do them in as little as five minutes! OK, she does not need a beauty school to learn that as there are a lot of tutorials online where she can learn the tips and tricks.

But for those who wants to undergo intensive training when it comes to cosmetology, Regency Beauty Institute, a Baltimore cosmetology school that brings unique approach to cosmetology education. The training and exposure that Regency Beauty Institute provides for its graduates make them highly preferred from salons, cruise ships and runways. Truly, when it comes to beauty school, no does it better like Regency Beauty Institute.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 3583 Alpine Avenue NW – Walker, MI 49544


Back to School and Then Some

School has officially opened at this part of the world. After 2.5 months of staying up and waking up late, we returned to the old routine of being up early last Tuesday. I prepared breakfast and then brought my girl to school afterward. As a tradition, we took some photos prior to going out and once we arrived at her school. However, she was already excited about meeting her new classmates and was sending me back home too soon. Sure signs that:

  1. She’s an extrovert.
  2. She loves school.
  3. She’s independent and does not feel separation anxiety.
  4. She’s a baby no more.

So I went home and wallowed into misery for about 10 minutes because of item number 4. I talked to the husband over the phone and then I prepared my first breakfast for the school year and enjoyed the serenity and silence of being home and alone again.  Another major task was being able to somehow plot my week’s schedule.

Anyway, it’s a Friday and I can’t say that I did cross off a lot in my list of to-do but two major things were accomplished: grocery-shopping and marketing. As always, I will have a busy long weekend and I will try to squeeze in some of the unaccomplished tasks while trying to enjoy it.

Have a great weekend!


How to Effectively Eliminate the Competition

>> Saturday, June 2, 2012

how to eliminate competition

image source


Hello June, Hello School!

>> Friday, June 1, 2012

Since school is about to open next week (or is it two weeks from now?), my hands are full with preparing my daughter for it. My list includes:

  • Cover her books.
  • Change her uniform’s patch and do a simple repair in one of them.
  • Wash and iron her uniforms.
  • Check with the school when is the *real* opening of school is.
We only have one pupil and our hands are already tied in prepping her for it. We enrolled her last Monday and started shopping for her school stuff. And we are not done yet. Aside from shopping for new

ford truck seat covers this weekend, we also need to buy her new pairs of shoes since her old ones do not fit her anymore.

The amount of sending a grade schooler to school these days is quite expensive and classes have not started yet. It’s a good thing that we have a diligent and smart girl. She has been making us very proud with her excellent academic performance since she started going to school.


Joy is Portable

Joy is portable

It’s a good thing to remember, that we have the capacity to bring joy to our lives and it should not depend on any one. Joy is portable, after all!

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