Words of Wisdom for my Graduates

>> Thursday, May 31, 2012

Some who belong to the last batch of student leaders that I took under my wings prior to leaving the university have graduated two months ago. I was able to meet them during my recent trip back there and handed them their personalized graduation gifts and did some catching up. 

I learned that one of them was already accepted in a bank where she served as an intern. On the other hand, two nurses are reviewing for the board exam. Two of them will be reviewing for the licensure exam for teachers and another is still contemplating whether he’ll be going back to the university as a teacher or headed to the seminary as an aspiring seminarian. It sure was nice to finally see them leave the university as graduates. Before I bid them goodbye, I reminded them of the following:

  1. Never to forget what they learned under our tutelage;
  2. To always choose and do what is right and good;
  3. Not to marry at an early age.

And that last piece of advice never failed to bring a smile on their faces.


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