Today (5/4/2012)

>> Friday, May 4, 2012

Outside my window… it’s getting dark and hopefully, colder.
I am thinking… of how nice it is to finally do some shopping after a looong time. 
I am thankful for… the climate that is getting colder.
From the kitchen… fish and pork and shrimps and vegetables. I am still thinking of what to do with them. 
I am wearing… an old shirt and shorts.
I am creating… a mess! I bought some new clothes which I fitted once we got home. I still haven’t put them away. Too tired.
I am going…to celebrate Mother’s Day in advance this weekend.
I am reading…  Jubilee by Fr. Joseph A. Galdon, SJ. He is/ was a godfather/ sponsor during our wedding and he certainly helped make our marriage work. He is in heaven now but thanks to his books, we can still learn from his kind heart and brilliant mind.
I am hoping… that it will rain tonight.
I am hearing… the sound made by the electric fan and cars outside.
Around the house…a kid in the kitchen, making herself some sandwiches.
One of my favorite things… my super old laptop. The netbook broke down during our trip two weeks ago. We left it at the service center there while I rely on this old one for work.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Mostly tidying up, packing, and final errands before we leave for a long vacation.
A picture I love: This was shared by a friend on Facebook yesterday. I find it funny and true! The one who shared this is actually a young priest and he said that he can’t relate with the photo. I have to agree because well, he’s been on the big side since we met soooo many years back! LOL!
evolution of a seminarian


Jhari May 8, 2012 at 3:07 AM  

Hahahaha!!!!!! I can see Abed on this evolution.

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