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>> Saturday, May 12, 2012

I have been offline (sorta) for about a week because my daughter and I are on a trip. Since the Internet is relatively weak here, I can’t regularly go online. Well, aside from the fact that I am busy catching up with my very many friends here. We are staying at my parents’ place. During the day, I visit and spend time at my first office at the academe. It is where my closest friends work and it sure fun to be with them again, just like in the past. I get to see other friends too.

Last night, some of my high school batch mates and I had dinner and coffee together. Too bad others were not able to make it. We all went home right before midnight and promised each other to meet again.

Today, I said hello to some of our family friends, the people who saw me grow in our community. I also spent the afternoon with a younger friend from the university. We did what we like doing – spend some hours in a store at the city, not looking for anything particular and buying things we do not really need like deco tapes, pairs and pairs of scissors and even different kinds of desk grommet. This afternoon, we found ourselves some nice notebooks and screws. Afterward, we had lunch and coffee and we did not notice how time passed as by as we exchanged stories and updates.

It sure was a great first week of my summer break, especially that I get to be with my old friends again. For the next two weeks, I am due to meet the others and attend some events too. Should be fun!


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