9 Happy Thoughts for the Week

>> Wednesday, May 2, 2012

They say that the best way to deal with negative vibes is to beat them with good ones. Obviously, someone is feeling a wee bit under the weather and following the abovementioned advice, I am forcing myself to create a list of my happy thoughts for the week.

  1. The usual bonding with my husband watching our favorite series while binging on ice cream and potato chips. It’s my most awaited part of the weekend!
  2. Sunday spent with the family in-law and some friends. It was great catching up with them again when we celebrated mother in-law and grandma in-law’s birthday.

  3. Our Monday visit with friends Andy and Emmie plus their adorable girl, Tessa. We enjoyed good food, good company and a little bit of Duty Free shopping. Yay!

  4. Yesterday being a holiday, my husband came home Monday evening. He usually comes home on Fridays only so it’s a treat when there’s a holiday. Unfortunately, he brought home some work so we were not able to watch our favorite series but we were able to catch a documentary about the ins and outs of

    Preplanning a funeral.

    What I like about topics like those is that it makes you assess the life you live right now and decide to make better choices.

  5. The husband and I went to market together to buy fresh produce. I discovered that I like having extra hands when marketing as I my two hands can barely carry all that I take home from the market. We brought rice, vegetables, fruits, fish, shrimps, pork and two young coconuts.

  6. And from our marketing escapade, I cooked my very first pork pochero! Yey! I have been planning to cook this dish and when I was done, I wondered what took me so looong to try my hand on this. It’s so easy to prepare and being a lover of tomato sauce-based dishes, this absolutely is love! Take a look:

  7. Unexpected conversations with friends. These can certainly lift up a lonely spirit. They always remind me of how blessed I have been.

  8. Work, work, work. Gotta love the load of work coming my way since last month. Gone are those days when I wake up and wonder what to do to make my day productive. But nah, I don’t miss ‘em!

  9. Our upcoming trip. Honestly, it is a major thing that causes my anxiety right now. It’s quite a long vacation and I am not looking forward to it. It makes me wonder why oh why did I ever book such a long break. However, there are things to be accomplished back there so I must put on a happy face, prepare myself for the trip, force myself to look forward to it and schedule my days wisely. It’s still a vacation after all! My last hurrah before another school year begins. Aaargh.


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