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>> Friday, April 27, 2012

It’s been a while since my last post and a lot of things had happened. One major event is the trip that our family had last week to attend a wedding of a relative. It was a refreshing experience albeit stressful. We encountered problems along the way and the major, major one involves a dead laptop. I was supposed to work while on a break since I had a long list of online tasks. However, when I opened the laptop on Day 2 of our vacation, it just wouldn’

t boot! To make the story short, we left it at the service center and authorized my BFF to claim it our behalf. When we got back, we were informed that the laptop is going to be useless unless we change the motherboard plus battery which cost more than the unit itself. I was brokenhearted, of course, as a new laptop isn’t included in our budget this year. But lo and behold, it is now working fine. We just have to pay for a new battery plus the cleaning up fee. For now, I am using a really old laptop with broken monitor. I hooked it on to our LED TV to make it easy on the eyes. Needless to say, I missed and lost of work but I am hoping for a better month come May.

Anyway, it was great catching up with relatives and friends though I wish we had more time. We’ll be going back next month sans the husband so it won’t be as fun when we’re travelling together. But there are some things that I need to accomplish back there so I’ll be going along with the not-so-little girl. I look forward too, to spending time with my friends there – it is something that I really, really miss now that we live far, far away from them. It is an annual event for me now, to spend some summer days with them. Aside from that, a super close friend of mine and I will be planning a despedida party for another super close friend. Her family will be relocating soon and we’re going to miss them so much. But we’re very happy that finally, the three of them will be living a better life together.

Moving on, let me introduce you to my new furry friends named Roary and Pounce:

Beanie Baby
I love felines since I was young and I had a handful of cats while growing up. I was delighted to see these two lovelies at my friend’s online store and since I can’t take care of a real cat this time, these will do plus the bigger one given to me by the husband ten years ago. 

Well, there are tons of tasks and chores to do before we leave again next month! But for now, I am going to take a good break and enjoy the weekend. I hope it’s going to be a restful one for you too!


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