Busy and Happy

>> Monday, April 2, 2012

One of the problems dreaded by most parents, especially those who work from home, during long breaks is the I-am-bored line by the kids, especially the younger ones. But in my case, now that my daughter has been on summer break for about 15 days now, I only heard that line from her once. What made her stop complaining about being bored is that she finally discovered how many her books are. And that her toys are just waiting for her to be played and there are tons of them! I do not let her watch TV though I allow here some time for

discount dvd movie which is suitable for her age. Also, we enrolled her to some crafting classes to learn new skills and meet new friends. She also know that we are going to have two travels and in one of those, she gets to spend time with her old friends and that thought keeps her happy and hopeful.

One thing I can’t tolerate for long is eternal whining and complaining. Thus, it does me and my daughter good if she is happy and busy. I can stay busy and happy too. Win-win situation, if you ask me!


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