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>> Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I have revamped this blog’s look. Have you noticed? Initially, I did the other blog but after a good nap, I decided to just go on and change this one too. I have to do major, major blogging in the coming days and sporting newly refurbished blogs can be inspiring. I did a lot of tweaking here and decided to go easy on the header which is always a challenge for me to create. There were templates which I decided to just use the sample header but nothing beats a customized header, right?

Anyway, I have another blog to tweak, my digital scrapbooking blog. It has been sporting the same old look for like forever and it badly needs changing. Hopefully, I can tackle that too tomorrow.

It has been a productive week, I might say and I am so looking forward to the long break with my family next week. But before that, I need to get busy and finish as much tasks as I can so I can enjoy our staycation. I hope you’re having a great week too! Cheers!

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