>> Sunday, March 11, 2012

We have been enjoying a rather busy weekend here at home. I have been sick last week and it has prevented me from doing all the house chores that need to be done around here. Yesterday, we did the laundry and cleaned up a bit. In the afternoon, I had to meet my new friend and also got from her the token that I ordered for my daughter’s teachers. Those tokens are handmade and I can’t wait to share them to you one of these days. We also did some grocery shopping and items in our cart that made me very happy yesterday are our two tubs of ice cream!

Upon coming home, while waiting for a text message from a relative for our scheduled date with her family, my husband and I had a CSI marathon. That series had somehow make me a bit paranoid but it certainly taught me not only to do a criminal background check when hiring someone but it also made me realize that bad parenting can produce bad persons. There are but countless episodes when a criminal becomes who he is because of traumatic childhood experiences caused by his parents. Anyway, last night, we were done with one season and looking forward to another one.

Today, there is the ironing of the uniforms plus the scheduled date. It did not push through last night. We also need to attend the Mass in a bit and shop for ingredients for spaghetti. Yay! My Sunday looks busy alright but no, I am not complaining! It’s a sunny Sunday and I hope you are also enjoying it!


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