>> Friday, March 9, 2012

Outside my window… a sunshiney afternoon.
I am thinking… of cool and hopefully restful it is going to be once the summer break starts. I am so ready for waking up late in the mornings and ceasefire during homework period.
I am thankful for…the recuperation from the nasty flu bug and asthma attack that began last late last week.
From the kitchen… nothing much since I still have to do the marketing this afternoon. So there’s bread and some fruits. 
I am wearing… my tank top and jammies. Gotta love working from home!
I am creating… some blog posts so that I do not have to cram on the weekend. Moreover, I hope to find some time to create something out of polymer clay too! 
I am going… to do our shopping list for the weekend. I need some organizing stuff for my clay hobby and the husband needs a new hammer, screw drivers and a box of shoulder bolts too. Yes, he’s playing Handy Manny around here!
I am reading…my daily devotionals plus the Bible. Can’t prioritize other books since I am busy watching House, MD. Argh. 
I am hoping…that I recover completely and soon!
I am hearing… some instrumental music on the background.
Around the house… me, myself and I catching up on work before the weekend finds me. 
One of my favorite things… my handy-dandy oven used for baking the things I make with polymer clay.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Get well, finish the household chores during the weekend, meet a new friend and dine out with some relatives. Do some shopping too!
A picture I love: That’s Vio and Mini, my two monsters. I created them using polymer clay. There used to be three of them but one has not survived. Hehehe. It’s ears fell off along with it’s eyes! Hahaha!

polymer clay monsters


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