>> Thursday, March 15, 2012

The weekend is almost here and I can say that it was quite a productive week for me. The daughter hurdles the very last examination week for the school year and yup, we will be officially welcoming the summer break by 11 AM tomorrow. And because of that, I accomplished quite a number of errands that I scheduled just before I have a girl with me 24/7 for two months. I went shopping for some household stuff and items since Monday. Also, I have sent through courier gifts for some very special children for their pen pal project.

In the kitchen front, I have reclaimed my place as this house’s official cook after a week of hiatus, no thanks to the deadly bug that hit me two weeks ago. We have accumulated enough Styrofoam and foils – sign of a week’s worth of takeouts. I sure was happy to hit the wet market again last Tuesday to shop for fresh produce, meat and fish. 

This week, I have started taking fresh juices as a part of  my breakfast. This is another good influence of my really good friends. Prior to eating my solids, I juice some fresh fruits and vegetables and then add them to a cup of yogurt. I am liking it so far and hopefully, I get to increase my intake in the following weeks. I am not short of fruit juice recipes, thanks to the Internet. It helps too that fruits of varied kinds are abundant in this place.

Anyway, tomorrow is a Friday and I still have some tasks on my to-do list. I hope to get them done so I can really enjoy the weekend. Ta-ta for now!


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