Penalties for First Time DUI Offenders in Arizona

>> Friday, January 27, 2012

Are you or one of your family members arrested in Arizona for driving under influence or DUI? Wondering what the penalties are for first time DUI offenders are? Persons arrested for the first time due to driving under influence or DUI in Arizona could be penalized with the following once they are convicted:

  • Ten to one hundred eighty days in jail.

  • Fines from $1,800 and above plus jail cost. The longer the jail time, the greater the fines.

  • Suspension of driver’s license up to ninety days.

  • Counseling.

  • Probation for up to five years.

  • Community service.

  • Attendance to MADD Victims’ Impact Panel.

  • Ignition interlock device for up to one year.

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