My Mom’s Grand Housewarming Gift

>> Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Still about moms, let me just claim that mine is the bestest! Sure, like all other relationships, ours had its ups and downs. But she never, ever abandoned me and my family. She and my father have been very supportive of almost all our decisions and it is not surprising that my husband and daughter love them so dearly.

Late last month, upon learning that we hastily moved to a new apartment early December, she gave us the grandest housewarming gift: an amount to pay for the refrigerator that we have been eyeing! Now, she already gave us an advanced gift for the holidays when we met last November but this gift is just as overwhelming. I remember last year, she bought a titanium jewelry for herself and she insisted on giving it to me for Christmas. Of course, I refused since I was never fond of jewelries. If it was a gadget, I surely have accepted it without batting an eyelash. Hahaha!

Anyway, on New Year’s Day, we scoured the different malls and appliance stores to find OUR fridge. And we found it! Life is now more comfortable with our new ref, thanks to my ever generous Mama!


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