New Parents and the Internet

>> Tuesday, October 18, 2011

As a first-time parent some many years ago, I knew that I want to become a good one. I got some tips from my mom, my aunts, doctors and friends who have been there but most of the things I know, I learned from reading parenting books and magazines. However, they were limited as there was no book store in our small city. That’s why I am grateful for the Internet since it was a provider of almost everything that a new parent should know.

I subscribed to and until now, I receive updates regarding my daughter’s developmental growth.

It even has a forum where parents get to ask other parents about their various concerns – from breastfeeding to finding a good

austin allergy doctor to trick-or-treating activities.

It is an amazing community for moms and of moms. And I am grateful for websites like Baby Center where help and valuable information are provided so new parents need not guess.


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