Don’t Drink and Drive!

>> Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Very early this morning, I woke up to a very loud crash of a car to a building just outside our window. It was relatively dark but I saw some smoke when I looked. I also saw the driver and a passenger pulling out someone from the car. I thought they ran over someone. The car’s music was so loud that despite the distance, I was able to hear it. It was a horrible sight. Later, some men arrived, the police, I presume.

When we were leaving for my daughter’s school, we passed by the wreckage and saw how damaged the car was. I just hope that it is covered by an insurance which is as good as the motorhome insurance that a friend of mine got for their motor home.

When I got back from bringing my kid to school, I saw the car being towed away. I also learned that no one was ran over, but it was an injured passenger. It seems that it was a bad case of drinking and driving which is absolutely a very irresponsible act. I hope it was a lesson learned on their part.


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