Smurfs’ Village on iTouch

>> Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Smurf's Village
This game has kept me busy for quite some time, especially when I was sick two weeks ago. Initially, it was installed on my husband’s iTouch only. By our daughter, of course. However, since it’s more fun to play and see my friend’s villages, I downloaded it too on my iTouch and started playing.

I felt intimidated when I saw how nice and neat and organized my friends’ villages are! But I have accepted that that has been my handicap. Designing farms or villages or what-have-yous in many games that I played, including Farm Town on Facebook some many years ago is not my strongest point. I am just clueless on how to cluster houses or crops or whatever to make them look nice together. However, what excites me with those kinds of games is the capacity to earn coins. The more coins I earn, the better. I just do not know how to spend them to make my village or farm look nice. Hahaha!


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