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>> Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We just came back to our normal routine after a long weekend. It was enjoyable despite some mishaps and we thoroughly had fun enjoying our friends’ company, sharing stories over good food and taking photos. We did a bit of shopping too and each of us have our own loots.

Speaking of shopping, I can’t believe (or I should!) how packed Marquee Mall was with people during the long weekend due to the long weekend sale plus guest appearance of some celebrities. Almost everything was on sale including shoes and clothes, beauty and bath items, vitamin supplements and fat burners, kitchen and home appliances and many others. My husband was a happy camper upon going home for being able to buy a nice pair of office shoes which he got at 50% discount.

As mall rats, Marquee Mall has been our preferred mall for a long time now and we frequent the place almost every weekend for shopping, dining, movies and even grocery-shopping. Most often, the mall is not as busy compared to the other malls here. We can leisurely stroll around the place, eat at our favorite restaurants, shop and window-shop. At times, we even allow our girl to play at the public playground. Aside from being a nice and serene place, the ride going there is less stressful too compared to the trip going to the other nearby malls, thus, Marquee Mall is indeed, our choice!


Actos Side Effects September 15, 2011 at 11:25 PM  

Malls are so big they can make you spend all you day there looking for what you need. Sometimes their prices are too big, but it gives you a good feeling.

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