Goodbye, R!

>> Friday, July 15, 2011

Early this month, one of my very few friends here in the city have left for our hometown. He resigned from his job here because wanted to be with his family again.

It made me feel sad because he is one of the few friends who live nearby. We were not able to meet prior to his trip but we had a lunch date last month that I will never forget because we ordered waaay too much food! The persons seated across our table, a language teacher and her foreigner student who were trying to familiarize themselves with a franklin language master kept on stealing glances at us. It’s either they were wondering how we’d ever fit the feast into our stomach or that they were annoyed by our chatter. Well, we rarely see each other, we are foodies and both of us have not taken any breakfast! Well, we overestimated our hunger and there were plenty of leftovers that we took home.

Yes, I am being melodramatic here. I miss my friend but I am happy for him and the decision that he made. We promised to see each other when we go visit before the year ends.


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