Rainy Days and Tuesdays

>> Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The downpour has been heavy since yesterday but we woke up with no rain at all though the skies are cloudy. My girl ran down the stairs for breakfast while I was brushing my teeth when MIL informed her that classes were suspended today. I checked my mobile phone and found two messages saying that classes are indeed cancelled.

Aaah. It is a good thing that I have not taken a bath and shampooed my hair yet, going back to bed and catching more zzzs was not that difficult. So that’s what I did, slept in. On the other hand, my pupil read a little, played a little and went downstairs for breakfast and played some more with her small cousins. I woke up a bit later, worked on some expiring tasks and had brunch.

Gotta love looong weekends like this though I prefer spending it with the husband who left early today for work. Yesterday was a national holiday to celebrate Dr. Jose Rizal’s birth anniversary, our national hero. As the day was about to end, we (husband and a brother in-law) wondered when the next long weekend will be. We all hope that it’s soon. :)


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