>> Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yesterday, my husband and a brother in-law, Mark remembered the days when they applied for university admission and scholarships when we visited Mark’s school. They recognized the new courses offered to the various universities as well as the new admission scheme which was not practiced during their days. The even recalled the need to declare if their family owns a car, computer, TV, speakers home theater system, among others when applying for scholarships. It was indeed a trip down to memory lane for both of them.

As a part of our itinerary yesterday, we dropped by my Mark’s university yesterday to inquire about their MBA admission exam and enrollment. It was unfortunate though that the office is closed though we were half-expecting it being a national holiday. But just the same, he toured us around the place. We usually pass by that area whenever we go shopping at Duty Free in Clark but it was the first time that we stopped there and had a tour at UP Clark. We also asked for UPCAT application forms from the security guard who was on duty. The boys intended to give the forms to their cousin who is about to graduate from high school this school year. Reading through the application forms made them nostalgic. And though I have not filed application to UP, part of my job during my past employment is the distribution of those forms, so I felt nostalgic as well. Hehehe.


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