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>> Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Someone I know was recently promoted to a higher post as human resource officer of their company. The responsibilities that entail such an important post abound. Thus, he needs to familiarize himself with various employment and labor laws in order for him to become an effective HR officer. As much as possible, he wants to spare himself and his company from the hassle of facing any legal cases that might arise from improper and unjust treatment of their human resource.

For those who think that they have been unjustly treated by their employers, there are lawyers like Attorney Mark J. Berkowitz, a

miami employment attorney

who has been practicing labor and employment law for almost 20 years. He caters to the needs of employees of both private companies as well as those employed by the city, county, state and federal governments.

What are the legal issues at work place where Attorney Mark J. Berkowitz, a respected and well-know broward employment attorney, can help you? Here are some: wrongful discharge, overtime compensation, a

pplication of non-competition and employment contracts, denial of health care, disability or pension benefits and others.

If you think that you have been wronged and discriminated by your employer and are seeking a fort lauderdale employment attorney to help you find a legal solution, visit the website Attorney Mark J. Berkowitz for assistance.


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