>> Thursday, June 16, 2011

I am very much aware of my options. I have several things I want to do tonight but it is tough to choose just one.

  1. Blog (because I have pending tasks that needs to be accomplished).
  2. Sleep (because I have been sleep-deprived several nights in a row).

  3. Read (because I found interesting books and they are already lined up. T

    his is the reason too why I need to do #2).

  4. Scrap (because I think my scrapping mojo is around).

Maybe I will try a little of #1 and then a bit of #2 before finally hitting the sack (#3). That is, if I can afford to put down the book that I am currently reading right now. But I need that good 8-hour or so of sleep to keep me going. Aaah. Choices, choices, choices.


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